RAF Church Fenton

RAF Church Fenton


Welcome to an unofficial website dedicated to RAF Church Fenton, an ex-RAF training airfield in North Yorkshire. Since its opening in 1937, it had varied roles as both a principal air defence fighter station and latterly a training station right through until its formal closure by the MoD in December 2013. It has now been re-opened as Leeds East Airport, catering for General Aviation, with the future looking bright.

Church Fenton was historically very under-documented, so with this website, I hope to have been able amend this to some extent. I also hope the site helps pay tribute to everyone who offered their lives for our country during wartime, be they those who were based at Church Fenton, or those who fought for us elsewhere in the world. Without their contribution, this country would be completely different today.

There have been many people stationed at RAF Church Fenton over the years, and countless more have visited for the annual air displays. If anyone out there has any memories, stories or pictures of the station, or just wants to contact me, I would be very pleased to hear from you. Please feel free to e-mail me via the contact page.

About the author – I am 41 yrs old, and in June 2004 obtained a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering at The University of Sheffield. I lived directly under the flight-path of RAF Church Fenton for many years, my interest in aviation coming from living so near to the base, and seeing RAF aircraft flying over every day. I have a PPL(A) pilot’s licence, and fly as often as finances will allow!

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