RAF Church Fenton
1960 – 1979

1960 – 1979

This gallery covers the period between Church Fenton’s closure as a front line fighter base at the end of the 1950s, and its re-opening in 1979 as 7 Flying Training School.

These photos are all courtesy of and © Chris Chantrill. All from 1968

These photos are thanks to Dennis Pasco; all were taken by the Station Photographer, and therefore are Crown Copyright

Two photos taken at a Station Open Day, 31st May 1971, courtesy of Brian Lewis

Two photos sent to me by Eddie Klaja, of time spent in various drinking establishments in the early 1970s!

Some photos from Keith Allsopp, stationed at Church Fenton in the early-mid 70s

This photo sent to me by Alastair King

These photos were sent to me by Richard Hayes, who visited Church Fenton regularly as an air cadet in the 1960s, and then was posted to Church Fenton during his time in the RAF. Descriptions are by Richard himself

These photos are from (and ©) David Herriot, who was on no 251 course at the Aircrew Officer Training School, which was a resident unit at Church Fenton from January 1968 to August 1969. David retired as a Wg Cdr following a career on Buccaneers and Tornados

Chris England took these photos during a 2297 Sqn Air Training Corps summer camp visit to Church Fenton, August 1965. © Chris England

© Barry Doswell

2 FTS, early 1970s

CF fire dump, 1968

© George Edwards BEM

© John Brown

These photos are of Yorkshire UAS, 1971 and 1973. They were discovered on the Flickr website (https://www.flickr.com/photos/davidquick/), many thanks to the copyright owner David Quick for allowing me to use them