RAF Church Fenton
7 Flying Training School

7 Flying Training School

Based at Church Fenton for two periods, 7 Flying Training Sschool was the last unit to be at Church Fenton when it was still a living RAF station.

These photos are all courtesy of the RAF Church Fenton station photographer Oct 1986 - Mar 1988 Ralph Bayley. © Ralph Bayley

The following photos are from Rob's Photo Gallery, and are all courtesy of John Smith

The photos below are thanks to Chris Chambers. Visit his website at www.chrischambersphotography.co.uk

These photos are all thanks to Ian Scales, MT driver in the early 1980s

These photos once again thanks to Mick Law, they are of the display that was put on when the station was closed down, at the end of March 1992

These photos are from Gordon Brooke, who worked at Church Fenton from 1990 - 1993 and 1996 - 1997, as a maintenance electrician

This photo from Paul Nann's website - www.paulnann.com © Paul Nann

These photos are © Dave Goddard, who was a CI (civilian instructor) with 2434 (Church Fenton) Squadron ATC from the early 1980s

These photos appear courtesy of Fergal Goodman, and some were "discovered" on www.airliners.net. All taken 10th August 1984

© Tim Simpson

Some cracking photos from Terry Welsh, the ex-Church Fenton station photographer

These photos were sent to me by Mark Tank, whose father "Terry" Tank was stationed at Church Fenton 1982 - 1986

Selection of miscellaneous photos. Photo owners are listed in the comments

© Mick Britton taken at various times in the 1980s