RAF Church Fenton
1946 – 1959

1946 – 1959

This gallery covers the period between the end of the war, and the end of the station’s time as a front-line fighter base. As such it covers the end of piston engined aircraft being used on the front line, and goes right up to the glory days of the Hunters of 19 Squadron and the Meteors and Javelins of 72 Squadron.

Some photos of an air day taken soon after the end of World War 2, quite possibly the Battle of Britain day on 15th September 1945. All courtesy of the RAF Church Fenton station photographer Oct 1986 - Mar 1988 Ralph Bayley. © Ralph Bayley

Photos from the mid/late 1950s from the daughter of the ex-Station Commander Gp Capt Laws

Photos from the glory days of the 1950s, kindly lent to me for scanning by the Fenton Flyer pub, Church Fenton

These photos are all from Derick Oakley, who served at Church Fenton from April 1957 to September 1959. © Derick Oakley

These photos came to me via Cliff Phillips, who was stationed at Church Fenton December 1956 until 1959.

Some photos from the 1950s, from Derek Palmer, ex-19 Squadron groundcrew. Images © Derek Palmer, webmaster of the 19 Squadron Association website.

These photos all © Tom Jump. Taken while Tom was stationed at Church Fenton, 1948 -1950. Tom can be contacted via the "ex-servicemen" page

Clarisse was a WRAF stationed at Church Fenton in the late-1940s

Colin Davis was a pilot with 72 Squadron at Church Fenton from September 1957 until the squadron moved to Leconfield in mid-1959. He has sent me some excellent photos, which can be seen here. © Colin Davis

72 Sqn, late-1950s

Ray was a 19 Sqn rigger on Meteors and Hunters at Church Fenton from January 1955 - July 1957. © Ray Stanton-Linder

A fantastic collection of images that the 72 Squadron archive have kindly allowed me to reproduce here

These photos are all © Stan Fencott, who spent 4 years at Church Fenton from 1954 - 1958. He was initially a barman waiter, and later a barman in the Officer's Mess

These photos were all kindly sent to me by Richard Simpson, son of the late F/O Simpson, ex-19 Squadron pilot

This fantastic set of photos are all © Ron Barber, who was with 19 Squadron at Church Fenton 1947/1948, and worked in the photographic section

© Dave Anson

© Angie Taylor

© John Clegg, a Meteor pilot on 72 Sqn in the mid-1950s

© David Kelley, who was stationed at Church Fenton during his national service from Nov 1956 to June 1958, when he was a member of 19 Squadron

Brian Higgins was a member of 609 Sqn RAuxAF at Church Fenton in the mid-1950s. Images © Brian Higgins

19 Sqn, 1950s