RAF Church Fenton
1937 – 1945

1937 – 1945

This photo was taken by A.W.Taylor, a member of 242 (RCAF) Squadron’s groundcrew while he was based at Church Fenton. It appears in Hugh Halliday’s book “242 SQUADRON: THE CANADIAN YEARS (Canada’s Wings, Stittsville, 1981)” © Hugh Halliday
A Spitfire having its’ guns tested / aligned at Church Fenton some time in 1942
A Bristol Blenheim being serviced at Church Fenton
This photo is from the official “RAF Church Fenton Information Handbook” which was given to servicemen who had just been posted to the base. (Thanks to Peter Mason for giving me a copy). Gloster Gladiators of 72(F) Squadron outside no.3 hangar just after the opening in 1937.