1951 – ‘At Home’ Day
1951 – ‘At Home’ Day

1951 – ‘At Home’ Day

The following programme is for the 1951 Battle Of Britain “At Home” Day. Ian Smart was extremely kind and donated a copy of the programme to me that was in his late father Norman’s collection. Many thanks for the kind gesture. A scan of the programme can be seen by clicking on the link below, with an extract from the flying programme beneath it:

11400Meteors of the Auxiliary Squadron take off
21410Spitfire Aerobatics
31430The Auxiliary Squadron returns and lands
41440“The Modern Elopement”
51505Meteor Aerobatics
61535Regular Squadron Formation Drill
71605Fly past of Washingtons
81610Vampire Aerobatics
91629Lincoln Formation Fly Past
101630Display by Meteor Aerobatic Team
111700Fly Past of Sunderland
121705“Set Piece” attack by Meteors