1994 – SSAFA Display
1994 – SSAFA Display

1994 – SSAFA Display

At this time, CF was virtualy closed down, with very little flying taking place. The display was organised by Linton-On-Ouse, as was also the case in 1992 and 1993.

The flying programme had very little international content. Compare this to just 9 years ago, when there were aircraft appearing from 5 Air Forces apart from the RAF.

To see a scan of the original flying programme (thanks to Geoff Carter) click HERE.

13001FTS Tucanos“75” Flypast (pic in Photo Gallery )flypast / depart
1303Blue Eagles Display Teamdisplay / land
1316Sukhoi Display Teamtake off / hold
1317Hawkdisplay / land
1328Sukhoi Display Teamdisplay / land
1339Harrierdisplay / land
1350Blue Eaglestake off / depart
1351Sea FuryFB11, ser/no N36SFdisplay / depart
1400Nimroddisplay / depart
1406Extra 300take off / hold
1407RAF Sea King SAR Role Demodisplay / depart
1418Hawkstake off / depart
1419Extra 300display / depart
1428Radial Pairtake off / hold
1429JaguarXX116 (I think!!)display / land
1438Mustangtake off / hold
1439Radial PairHarvards, G-AZSC, G-BDAMdisplay / hold
1449RN Gazelletake off / hold
1450Harrierstake off / depart
1451P51 Mustangdisplay / land
1500Bulldog (Red 10)land
1501RN Gazelledisplay / land
1506Hercules Role Demodisplay / land
1515Battle Of Britain Memorial FlightPZ865, PA474……display / depart
1531Tornado F3display / hold
1541Tucanodisplay / land
1548Tornado F3land
1550RN Sea King AEW Role Demodisplay / land
1601Red Arrowsdisplay / depart
1622RM Freefall Teamtake off / hold
1623MosquitoRR299, owned by BAedisplay / depart
1633Fireflytake off / hold
1634Wessex SH Role Demodisplay / hold (York)
1647Bulldog (Red 10)take off / depart
1648Fireflydisplay / land
1657RM Freefall Teamdisplay
1708RM Freefall Team aircraftland