Clarke, Simon
Clarke, Simon

Clarke, Simon

Well the only person I recognised of the list was Harry Smith, commonly known as Harry the Bastard. I don’t know why he got that name as he was a nice bloke.

Church Fenton was my first posting in the RAF. I was an Airframe Mechanic in 1983 when at the tender age of 17 I move to Church Fenton. I worked on the flight line, then in SSF in 3 shed for a while, then back onto the flight line. I left in 1988 and Headed off to RAF Guttersloh. These day’s I Help Design Aircraft. In 1987 I married Mandy Dalton who used to work in the post room in SHQ. We are happily Divorced now but I do have two fine Children.

A few of the names from back then :-

Dusty Miller (sooty I think), Graham Thompson (my best man), Ron Burgess (Da do ron ron), Dave ‘Ted’ Hinchliffe, Chris (Air Traffic), Big Mick Hall, Little Mick Hall, 

There are just so many faces and not enough names.

Please add my details on your website.

Many thanks. Also thank you for the trip down memory lane.

Simon Clarke